The junior team of Belarus is the winner of the “Development Cup 2020”.


For the second year in a row, Belarusians win the Development Cup.






The traditional international junior football tournament "Development Cup" has just finished in Minsk. Belarus U-17 team managed to defend the championship title and win the second time in a row!



At the group stage, Belarusians played against the teams of Uzbekistan, Finland and Belgium.

In the first match, the "White wings" beat the Uzbeks with a score of 4:1. Our forward Dzmitry Latykhau scored the first goal (he played 50 minutes), Dinamo goalkeeper Tsimafei Yurasau defended the goals in this match. For Tsimafei, this match was the only match in the tournament. By the way, in that match, also made two assists. In the second match, Latykhau again opened the score in the match, and the Belarusians beat the Finns - 2:1. Dzima was replaced in the 51st minute. In the last group match, Belarusians and Belgians played a draw - 1:1. Latykhau entered the field in the 55th minute.



In the final match, the junior teams of Belarus and Tajikistan met. Asians took first place in their quartet, ahead of Georgians, Israelis and Icelanders.

By the way, for those who are skeptical about the Tajiks who qualified for the final match, we offer statistics: last year the U-17 team played at the World Cup (in the group stage, the Tajiks managed to beat Cameroonians, but lost to the Spaniards and Argentines), and in 2018 they won silver medals at the Asian Youth Cup. It should be noted that the team-2004 (U-16) arrived in Minsk, which, in the fall, reached the final stage of the Asian Cup, having won four victories in four matches at the group stage.



Tsimafei Yurasau again stayed on bench, and Dzmitry Latykhau came out in starting line-up and spent the whole match on the field. The game was very difficult for the Belarusians, by the halftime the Asians were winning 2:0. But our team managed to squeeze the opponent and recouped right before the final whistle. Belarusians were more successful in the penalty shootout. By the way, Dzmitry Latykhau had some good opportunities to score, and was accurate with during the shootout.



And it was it was Dzmitry Latykhau  from Dinamo-Minsk who was recognized as the best player of the tournament.






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