Happy Independence Day!


Happy Independence Day!





Dear fans, Minsk citizens, Belarusians!

Football club "Dinamo-Minsk" sincerely congratulates you on the Holiday - Independence Day of the Republic of Belarus and on the Day of Liberation of Minsk from the Nazi invaders!

Unfortunately, every day less and less veterans stay with us, those who in those terrible years, with their heroism, their sacrifice, sometimes at the cost of their lives, defended our Motherland!

Dear veterans and workers of the rear! We express our heartfelt gratitude for that today we live under a peaceful sky. Accept the words of gratitude for the steadfastness, courage and heroism shown by you during the Great Patriotic War, for your purposeful work in the postwar years.

On this day, we sincerely congratulate all Belarusians! We wish peace, goodness, happiness, prosperity in every family, in every home.

Happy Independence Day!


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