"Dinamo Cup" - the beginning is on Friday!


Start of a series of tournaments for the prizes of the Dinamo Academy.






Already on Friday, in the capital’s indoor football stadium, the Dinamo- Minsk Academy is launching a series of traditional children's football tournaments - Dinamo Cup 2019. The youngest players will go first to the battle - teams 2010 and 2011 year of birth. 12 teams will take part in the tournament at both ages.

Tournament of teams 2011:
Group "A": “Dinamo-1", "Minsk-2", "Smena", Vasileuski football school.
Group "B": "Minsk-1", "Dinamo-2", "Atletik" (Minsk), Sports School "Dynamo".
Group "C": "Chertanovo" (Moscow, Russia), Sports School (Barysau), "Dynamo-Yuni", RCOR-BSU.

Tournament of teams 2010:
Group "A": "Dinamo-1", "Minsk-2", RCOR-BSU-2, Sports School "Dynamo".
Group "B": "Minsk-1", "Dinamo-2", "Smena-2", "Arbita".
Group C: Chertanovo (Moscow, Russia), Smena, RCOR-BSU, Haradzhane (Minsk).

The tournament will start on Friday and end on Sunday. You can follow the main events of the tournament on the group page of our Academy in VK.



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