"Dinamo-BNTU" - new season.


Mini-football team of our club.







Starting with the new season on our official website we will be paying more attention to another team that is part of the structure of our football club - the mini-football team "Dinamo-BNTU"

What you need to know about "Dinamo-BNTU"? For 25 years of existence, the team did not show prominent results, however for these long years it was a forge of personnel for the top clubs of the country. Over time, many footballers have grown to the level of the national team, becoming champions as part of other teams. In the season 2020/2021 will also pay main attention to growing young players - the average age of the team is 20 years.

A few words about the history of our team:

"Dinamo-BNTU" has been participating in the Premier league of the Belarusian championship since 1995. So far, the team has played 600 matches in which it won 147, drew 50 times and had 403 defeats. The difference between goals scored and conceded is 1707-2805. Previously, the team performed under different names and in 2007 it was included in the structure of the "Dinamo" club and once again changed its name, since then, "Dinamo-BNTU" has appeared on the Belarusian mini-football map.

The best place in the championships - 7th (2002/03, 2008/09).

Participant of the 1/8 finals of the playoffs (2019/20, two defeats from  "Borisov-900").

The biggest victory in the championship - 11:2 ("Gorniak", Salihorsk, 2000/01).

The biggest defeat - 3:18 ("Borisov-900", 2004/05).

Finalist of the Belarus Cup (2006, defeat from "Dorozhnik").

Home arena - Sports and recreation complex "Polytechnic" (st. Khmelnitsky, 9)



In the photo:
Top row (from left to right): Yahor Kundas, Stas Saroka, Ulad Shila, Vadzim Martinkevich, Stas Arashkevich, Kiryl Khomich, Siarhei Kuzmich, Stas Kudrytski, Artsiom Kirylau, Maksim Trafimovich.

Bottom row (from left to right): Mikhail Tryakin, Anton Papovich, Mikita Traptsou, Mikita Harbukou, Aliaksander Kamarou, Dzmitry Barouski (head coach), Ihar Kavalevich, Ivan Nouski, Mikita Kanashyts, Artur Abramchuk.

Head coach: Dzmitry Barouski.


Round 1: September 5 (Saturday)

13.00. "Dinamo-BNTU" - "Borisov-900"


Round 2: September 13 (Sunday)

14.15. "Dinamo-BNTU" - VRZ


Round 3: September 19 (Saturday / Sunday)

13.00. "Ahova-Dynamo" - "Dinamo-BNTU"


Round 4: September 26/27 (Saturday / Sunday)

"Dinamo-BNTU" - "Dorozhnik"


Round 5: October 3/4 (Saturday / Sunday)

"Minsk" - "Dinamo-BNTU"


Round 6: October 10/11 (Saturday / Sunday)

"Dinamo-BNTU" - BR


Round 7: October 17/18 (Saturday / Sunday)

"UVD-Dynamo" - "Dinamo-BNTU"


Round 8: October 24/25 (Saturday / Sunday)

"Dinamo-BNTU" - ЦКК


Round 9: October 31 / November 1 (Saturday / Sunday)

"Stalitsa" - "Dinamo-BNTU"


Round 10: November 7/8 (Saturday / Sunday)

"Dinamo-BNTU" - "Viten"


Round 11: November 14/15 (Saturday / Sunday)

"Lida" - "Dinamo-BNTU"



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