Junior Championship 2020/2021.


News about our young footballers.






Finally, thejunior championship of Belarus of the season 2020/2021 begins. And we already have the first results:

Team 2003 will play its first match this Saturday.

Team 2004 started the season with a victory over "Dnepr" from Mahileu at home with a score of 2:1. Marozik and Lahun scored.

Team 2005 drew the first round (1: 1). Opponents from FC "Minsk" scored a goal in the first half of the match, but in the 65th minute Yahor Lukashenka managed to level the score.

Team 2006 made their debut in the junior championship this season. The pupils of Vadzim Lasouski and Siarhei Maslouski started very confidently: with a crushing score of 7:0 they beat their peers from "Vorsha". Double on account of Melnichenka and Tarnalitski, Makarevich, Zhorau and Vaskaboinikau also scored goals.

The women's team 2005 again won a confident victory - with a score of 15:0 our girls beat the "Maladzechna". Poker in the match was drawn by Kharashchak and Siniauskaya, a hat-trick was scored by Stashkova, goals were also scored by Matskevich, Uzun, Mager and Shauko.





The schedule of upcoming matches:

U-18: "Dinamo-Minsk" vs "Neman", Saturday, 13:00 (Dinamo Uni stadium);

U-17: "Volna-DYUSSH-3" vs "Dinamo-Minsk", Saturday, time will be announced additionally (Volna stadium);

U-16: "Neman" vs "Dinamo-Minsk", Saturday, time and place will be announced additionally;

U-15: "Dnepr" vs "Dinamo-Minsk", Sunday, time and place will be announced additionally;

U-16 (girls): "Dinamo-BSUPC" vs Sports School "Yunost", Saturday, time will be announced additionally (Dinamo Uni stadium).



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