Junior Championship 2020/2021


Junior championship resumes.






This week starts the new junior championship of Belarus of the season 2020/2021. Matches of the teams 2003, 2004 and 2005  will traditionally be held in two circles, teams 2006 will consist of two stages (group and circles).

This weekend, our boys will play their first matches:

U-18: Dinamo-Minsk vs "Neman", 12 September, Saturday, time and place will be announced additionally;
U-17: Dinamo-Minsk vs "Dnepr-Mogilev", Saturday, 13:00 (Dinamo Uni stadium);
U-16: Dinamo-Minsk vs "Minsk", Saturday, 15:30 (Dinamo Uni stadium)
U-15: Dinamo-Minsk vs "Orsha", Sunday, time and place will be announced additionally



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