The final of the womens Belarus Cup. Players comments.


"Dinamo-BSUPC" share about the upcoming match






On the eve of tomorrow's match, three "Dinamo-BSUPC" players answered several questions about the upcoming Women's Belarus  Cup final match, and also shared their expectations from the game.

Yuliya Sliasarchyk, team captain

Yuliya, what emotions do you have now before this match?

- All positive. We were very happy when we learned that the fans will be able to come to the stadium on Monday. We are always glad to hear our "Dinamo" support. We are preparing in full strength for the game now and I am sure that the team will be able to show the result.

For the first time "Dinamo-BSUPC" will play at the "Dinamo" stadium and on a natural field, unlike during regular Women's League season. Can this be a problem?

- I don't think there will be any problems. A few days on a natural lawn is enough to get ready. I think we have enough time to come out in good shape.

As the team captain, tell me what state the girls are in now?

- Both morally and physically, the team is in perfect state. Everyone is in a fighting mood, we want to win a trophy and intend to put every effort to this.



Nastassia Linnik, midfielder

Nastsya, what do you think about this final match?

- We expect a very emotional, but high-quality game. Quite a long time has passed since the beginning of the season and we would like to see how each of us progresses. Of course, we hope for a large number of goals, yet this is the final. We are trying to maintain a good atmosphere in the team now, to do everything the coach wants us to.

In July, in our interview, you said that you want to win the championship not only as a player of "Minsk". Now you have the opportunity to win your first trophy in your new team. Does this motivate?

- Yes, I really want it. In any case, too many cups in is never enough (laughs). Well, and to write such an important page in the history of great "Dinamo-Minsk" is also worth a lot for me.

What will be your day on the eve of the final match?

- At the beginning of the day there will be a theory, then evening training and maybe we will watch the final of the Women's Champions League, probably. We will try to spend the day as calmly as possible in order to preserve all emotions for Monday.



Hanna Pilipenka, midfielder

Anya, you played for "Minsk" before and you know a lot about the team. What do you think about conditions of your opponent now?

- Well, the final is just a single match, no one will relax. As the practice of championship shows, all our matches with them are emotionally tense, so I don't think that the Women's Cup will be an exception. You have to be concentrated every minute.

How did you prepare for the final?

- We prepared well, we are tuned in to win. There is no other way, the club's management has set high goals for us at the beginning of the season and we must strive for them. It is inspiring that we will play at "Dinamo" stadium, I have never played there in my life. I think it will be unforgettable.

What would you say to the fans before the match?

- We will be glad to all who will come to the stadium in the evening and support us, for all players it will be a huge motivation. It is always so great to hear "Di-na-mo" from the stands, this moves us froward.



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