Junior Championship 2019/2020.


Latest junior teams matches.






Below are the results of the recent match day in the junior championship of Belarus:

Team 2001/2002 - the early champions of the junior championship of Belarus 2019/2020 (age category U-18)! Last week, Uladzimir Dziatlau’s wards tied with FC "Minsk" (0:0) and this allowed our senior juniors win the championship title three rounds before the inish.

Thus, our junior Team 2001/2002 will play for the first time in the history of the club in the UEFA Youth League as the champion of Belarus in the older age category.

We heartily congratulate the guys, coaches and parents on this success. By the way, the team of Uladzimir Dziatlau won their third of four possible gold medals: the guys also became the country's champions in the seasons 2016/2017 and 2017/2018.



Team-2003, unfortunately, lost in the quarterfinals to FC "Vitebsk": Mikhail Mustyhin wards were defeated with a score of 1:4. "Vitebsk" opened the score in the tenth minute of the match, then our guys managed to equalize thanks to the goal of Turavets, however, in the second half, the guests managed to score three more unanswered goals. Thus, our team will fight for 5th - 8th places.

Team-2004 on Saturday reached the semifinals of the championship, beating FC BATE in the penalty shootout with a score of 5:3 (the main time of the match 1:1)! Goal scored by Budzko, and in the penalty shootout goalkeeper Yan Martsinkevich showed himself brilliantly.

Team-2005 on the road won in the first semifinal against FC "Minsk" - 2:1. In the eighth minute, Grinkevich scored the first goal, literally a minute later the opponents equalized, but then Barysevich managed to increase the lead again



Calendar of further matches:

U-18: "Dinamo-Minsk" vs BATE, June 22, Tuesday, 17:00 (Dinamo Uni Stadium)

U-17: BATE vs "Dinamo-Minsk", June 25, Thursday, time and place will be announced later.

U-16: "Dinamo-Minsk" vs RCOR, June 25, Thursday, time will be announced additionally (Dinamo Uni Stadium).

U-15: "Dinamo-Minsk" vs "Minsk", June 25, Thursday, time will be announced additionally (Dinamo Uni Stadium).



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