Junior Championship 2019/2020.


Latest junior teams matches.






The first matches of the resumed Junior championship of Belarus in the season 2019/2020 were played.

Team-2001/2002 on the road beat FC "Gomel" 3:1. "Dinamo" scored two goals in the first half, and at the end of the second they finally approved the winning score in the match. Goals:  Samoti (double) and Yeutukhovich.

Team-2003 and team-2004 will play their first matches on June 20.

Team-2005 at home won FC "Gomel". In the second half, goals were scored by Akhmadau and Makarau. Andrei Sinichyn's team thus advanced to the semifinals of the championship



Calendar of further matches:

U-18: FC "Minsk" vs "Dinamo-Minsk", June 17, Wednesday, 17:00, FC "Minsk" stadium.

U-17: "Dinamo-Minsk" vs FC "Vitebsk", June 20, Saturday, Dinamo Uni Stadium.

U-16: FC "Dinamo-Minsk" vs BATE, June 20, Saturday, Dinamo Uni Stadium.

U-15: "Dinamo-Minsk" vs FC "Minsk", June 25, Thursday, Dynamo Uni Stadium.



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