Live camera at the match of Round 5 - 360 °


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VR-technologies first time in Belarusian football and on Dinamo-TV!

Our media service does not stand still. We constantly try to find something new and really interesting. On Thursday, for the first time in the history Belarusian football we used of VR technology to cover the match of Round 5 "Dinamo" - "Neman"!

However, we decided to offer you something more and much more interesting than just live broadcast from a 360° camera. Well, we all know that ultra-modern technologies will not replace watching football at the stadium. And even staying at home you would rather prefer a quality broadcasting from different cameras.
So, today in "LIVE-Camera" we offer you an opportunity with a help of a 360° camera not only visit the stands of the stadium and also see what an ordinary fan cannot see from his seat at the stands!

P.S. We thank our good friends from the Specmedia team for helping us with this project.


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