Marko Pavlovski: post- match comments.


Post-match comments from our midfielder.






Marko, before the team had played two difficult but very good games against BATE. Today, the game with a newcomer looked very equal. Why?

- Today was a difficult game. But this is only the beginning of the championship, so it is important for us to think positively, no matter what. We need to analyze the game and continue to work hard. I think everything is in our hands, we can 100% play more productively, even better than in Cup matches against BATE. It is necessary to correct the mistakes and not to allow them in the future.

As we have seen, BATE played "attacking" football, while "Rukh", on the contrary, preferred to defend. Was this a problem for the team?

- Yes, they have completely different game tactics. I would say we now need to focus on continue practicing our short pass game and try to control the game and the ball when we receive it. I am sure this will affect the number of goals and in general the results of the championship.

After the first half, the team woke up a bit, agree?

- I agree, in the second half we began to play much better, had more chances to score. The coaching staff gave us some important recommendations during the break so that we could improve the game.  

So what about the first half. What was wrong?

- Of course, it’s incredibly disappointing to miss a goal, especially when it’s not from the playing moment, but from a free-kick. All that I can say now - we need to do better.

Today, there were not many people at the stands because of the well-known situation around.

- I really want to thank them for their support. In good and bad times they are always with us, it is inspires the players. Our most sincere appreciations


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