Junior Championship 2019/2020.


Latest junior teams matches.






The next round of the junior championship of Belarus in season 2019/2020 season has been completed. Results:

Team 2001/2002 defeated "Shakhter" 3:0. Dinamo opened the score in the first half and then  scored two more goals in the second. Goals scored: Zabelin, Firsau and Shumilau.

Team-2003 failed in Vitebsk: Mikhail Mustygin's team lost 0:2.

Team-2004 its first match will play against "Belshina" on May 7.

Team-2005 will begin second half of the championship next month.



Calendar of further matches of our teams:

U-18: "Belshina" vs "Dinamo-Minsk", April 5, Sunday, time will be announced additionally (Prakapenka Stadium)

U-17: "Gomel" vs "Dinamo-Minsk", April 3, Friday, time will be announced additionally (SDYUSHOR-8 stadium).

U-16: "Neman" vs "Dinamo-Minsk", April 4, Saturday, time will be announced additionally (FC Neman football arena)



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