CAFE Week of Action


FC "Dinamo-Minsk" has joined the global campaign - CAFE Action Week!





From March 2 to 10, is a traditional CAFE Action Week held worldwide. The main goal of the CAFE (Center for access to Football in Europe), with the support of UEFA, is to improve the access of people with disabilities to football at all levels. The Football Access Center in Europe, together with UEFA, is making great efforts to ensure that as many people with disabilities have free access to the stadiums on match days and are involved in all areas of football. CAFE Action Week is held in 25 countries around the world, and every year the project is growing in scale.

FC "Dinamo-Minsk" joins CAFE Action Week! We support the idea of "Football for all, access for all!" and therefore, children with hearing impairment took in the players' escort in the match of the 1/4 finals of the Belarus Cup 2020 ("Dinamo-Minsk" - BATE). Also during the week the club held several more projects, the main idea of which was to remind everyone: the power of football unites everyone


"Dinamo-Minsk" sincerely thanks all low-mobility fans for the love and support of the team! We appreciate your attention and are always ready to assist in attending matches, providing you with season passes or regular tickets. We remind you that disabled people of group 1 are entitled to free access to home matches in the 2020 season.


We invite all concerned to cooperation and communication. Together we can create comfortable conditions for disabled fans to visit the stadium and watch live matches!

To learn more about CAFE and CAFE Action Week, you can visit, write to or subscribe to CAFE social networks.
Football for everyone, access for everyone!


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