Dinamo female players in national teams.


"Dinamo-Minsk" female players in the national teams: match results.





The national women's team of Belarus, at a training camp in Turkey, held two friendly matches. The first match, against the national team of Romania, the girls finished with a score of 1:1. Our football players Novikava, Slesarchyk, Kazakevich, Shupo, Linnik, Alkhovik and Pilipenka got to the starting lineup. In the second half, three more "Dinamo-BSUPC" appeared on the field: Shlapakova replaced Alkhovik (70th min), Nikalaenka replaced Pilipenka (74th min), and Stsiazhko replaced Shcherbachenia (61st min). Yulia Slesarchyk was replaced on 60 minute. Svidunovich, Shakhrai and Papova remained on the bench.

In the second match, the team suffered a crushing defeat from the Serbian team - 0:5. Novikava, Slesarchyk, Kazakevich, Pilipenka, Linnik, Shupo and Alkhovik were in the starting lineup. In the second half, three of our footballers entered the game: Papova replaced Kazakevich (hal time),  Stsiazhko replaced Alkhovik (half time), Shlapakova replaced Shcherbachenia on 78 minute. Svidunovich, Nikalaenka and Shakhrai remained on the bench. 



The women's team will play the next match on April 14th. The home match of the UEFA Women's 2021 European Championship qualification will be held at Dinamo Stadium. The beginning is at 18:30. The opponent of our team will be the team Northern Ireland



Also at this time, the junior (U-19) team Belarus began its performance at the international tournament "Mediterranean Pearl". The first opponent of the team was the Slovak team. Unfortunately, the "White Wings" lost 1:3.

But the next day, the Belarusians with a score of 2:1 beat the team of Northern Ireland. In the third match, the girls lost to the Romanian team - 0:1.

Our Viktoria Valyuk  took part in all matches, and was the captain of the team. Viktoria has two assists on her account (one in the match against Slovakia, the second in the match against Northern Ireland). 



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