Invitation to the womens national team.


Thirteen "Dinamo-Minsk" players received a call to the national team






The National Women's Football Team of Belarus went to a training camp in Turkey until March 12.

The head coach of the national team Yury Maleeu (also the head coach of "Dinamo-BSUPC") called 22 football players. 13 players are representatives of "Dinamo":

goalkeeper Maryia Svidunovich; defenders Yulia Slesarchyk, Anastasia Novikava, Victoryia Kazakevich and Valeryia Shakhrai; midfielders Anastasia Linnik, Anastasia Shupo, Anastasia Papova, Anastasia Shlapakova, Hanna Pilipenka, Vita Nikalaenka; forwards Karyna Alkhovik and Daryia Stsiazhko.

During the training camp, the girls will hold a friendly match against the national team of Serbia. The match will take place on March 10 at 16.00 (local time) at the "Titanic Mardan stadium" in the city of Antalya



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