Womens Neman-Cup-2020: first womens team tournament


Our girls go to Hrodna





Today in Hrodna starts the international women's football tournament "Women's Neman-Cup 2020". our women's team "Dinamo-BSUPC" also takes part in it. The participants:

"Gintra" (Lithuania)
"Dinamo-BSUPC" (Minsk)
"Neman" (Hrodna)
"AfricaSport" (Africa)

The schedule of matches:
February 17 (15:15) - "Gintra" - "Dinamo"
February 18 (13:00) - "Dinamo" - "AfricaSport"
February 20 (15:15) - "Neman" - "Dinamo"

We wish good luck to our girls and believe in victory!


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