Siarhei Hurenka about the second training camp.


Comments from the head coach.






The team stayed in Minsk for a week, held two friendly matches. Are you satisfied with the work you did?

- I am satisfied with the fact that no one received any serious injuries. Our main task was to keep functional condition, to preview newcomers. Another tasks was to look at the various game schemes. It was necessary to get more information before the Turkish training camp.

If in Sochi in two matches we saw completely different line-ups in different halves, here in Minsk, on the contrary. Probably the main lineup is already composed?

- I would not so. Here in Minsk in first halves played those who are better prepared functionally at the moment, who was taking part in training process since the very first day. In second halves we used newcomers to see their conditions. In general I was satisfied. However, while in Sochi we trained on a natural pitch, here in Minsk, the players tried to be careful, since we played on synthetics.  For me it’s normal. It’s very disappointing when you get in shape, do such a volume of work and then get injured. I am glad that everyone is in the squad and ready for Turkey camp.

In Sochi we had two friendly matches, six goals conceded, in Minsk two matches - zero goals conceded. Did you work on these mistakes?

- No, in defense there are still enough moments to work on. And not only in defense, but in general team actions. In Sochi, we scored in every match, but here we were not able to do this, although we had plenty of good opportunities in each match. We will pay attention to the finishing part of our attacks during the second camp.

What can you say about players on preview?

- About Korean, I can say that this is a player a-la Alykulov. Even stronger in some components. It is clear that it takes time to adapt. He has a good speed, understanding of the game. The same thing about the Libyan. But there are problems with the documents and, if you know, there is a war in Libya, so there are many nuances that need to be taken into account. He still took part in the training process from the first day. He is a good on the left flank.

A very busy camp: five matches and two of them with top opponents ...

- Well, these matches will give answers to all questions. Again, many coaches like to say that the result does not matter. I believe that from the first match the guys should still fight for the result and get ready to play for the result in each and every match, but, of course, this will not be the most determining factor.

Two matches in a row: first against "Dynamo" from Moscow, then against "Zenit". Don't you think that this can be an overload for the players?

- No, we will play in two squads. I have not yet decided which of the matches we will play with the main lineup. Although, today we don't have a main or a second lineup. I prefer to have 20 players ready to replace each other and fulfill the task on the field and in no way weaken the game. I want to have two equal teams that will help each other to become better.

The match against Zenit will be especially interesting because of the historical context.

- No, no contexts. What happened is happened. For me it is more important to play with a strong opponent. Someone may think of any contexts, not me. Yes, we beat Zenit in the first match and we lost in the second, but ... it is already history.

Could you clarify the situation with Kichin?

- I had questions for Valera about last year, about his game, there were nuances. We sat down to discuss it all, he expressed a desire to work and prove. He had a game time in the match against "Vitebsk", he trained with all other players. But looks like during this period of time he received a good offer fromt heother club, he asked us to let him go. I was not against. I see that Chyzh really added this year, and the same with Shvetsov. Plus Kichin is a foreigner and under the limits. So it was decided to let him go.



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