Neman - Dinamo-BDUFK: the first official womens team friendly match


The first victory of our women's team





Yesterday in Hrodna, our women's team held the first official pre-season friendly match. Our opponent was  FC "Neman". Almost from the first minutes, our girls took the initiative on the football field and by the end of the match the score was 4:1 in favor of Dinamo-BSUFK.

"Neman" - "Dinamo-BSUFK" - 1:4

Goals: Bambane, 14; Pilipenka, 49; Siarheichyk, 68; Alkhovik, 69; Alkhovik, 84.

Squad: Munteanu (Svidunovich, 46-70; Siauko, 70-90), Kazakevich (Valyuk, 37), Novikava, Claudio, Slesarchyk (Papova, 51), Linik (Alkhovik, 60), Pilipenka, Shlapakova (Bambane, 18) , Shupo (Shlapakova, 53-85; Bambane, 85-90), Alkhovik (Nikalaenka, 35), Sympore (Shupo, 62).


Photo source: FC Neman


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