Games and sports lesson with "Dinamo-Minsk"


Dinamo players visited a games and sports lesson at Minsk gymnasium № 43.






Yesterday at the sports and games lesson at gymnasium No. 43 it was a little hotter and louder than usual. And the reason for that was our Dianamo footballers. Dinamo-Minsk visited the pupils of the Minsk gymnasium No.43 and held an open class. Special exercises, relays, team game and a lot of laughter - all with active 45 minutes.

Three classes at once came to meet our football players - more than 60 people. This time, FC Dinamo-Minsk was represented by our youth players, a reserve team player Maksim Kapraleu and a Dinamo-2002 player Illya Kotau. The coach of our youngest Academy team's Dzmitry Koub acted as a mentor



Many tasks were prepared for the children: relay race, during which the guys had to run with the ball, going around all the chips, and send the ball into the goal; ball passing exercises, as well as a football game. The students were divided into three teams and one of Dinamo reps was assigned to each of them. To keep 60 young schoolchildren in order is, of course, an impossible task, but our players did their best.

- We had to set a selection to the Academy here, there are a lot of skilled  guys, - Dzmitry shared after the event. - They work very well with the ball, I think we have to come with a specially visit in spring (laughs).

The main star of the lesson, of course, was again our mascot Dynamosha. From the first minutes, the children did not lag behind our mascot, hugged him, asked to give "five" and play with them. And Dynamosha did not refuse: he took the role of one of the goalkeepers, bowled, danced, took pictures. By the end of the lesson he managed to "beat off five" more than 80 times (we counted).



After the lesson, Dinamo delegation presented the gymnasium a bunch of football balls, a book about Dinamo history, and souvenirs to each pupil. We did not forget about inviting them to the final match of this season - Dinamo Derby.

Immediately after the lesson, the students were in no hurry to leave: many ran to our players, started asking about the team’s game, Belarusian football and how hard it is to be a Dinamo-Minsk player.

- They asked for selfies, - Maksim modestly noted. - They also asked if I could give my shirt. I promised to present it after our last match. I am a man of my word. 

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