Six years ago died Valiantsin Bislkevich


On August 1, 2014 died Valiantsin Bialkevich ...






The night of the first of August 2014, terrible news came from Kyiv ... In the 42nd year of life, as a result of thromboembolism, the legendary football player of Dinamo-Minsk and Dynamo Kyiv, Valiantsin Bialkevich, the player of the national team of Belarus, died.

Valiantsin Bialkevich was the real leader of Dinamo-Minsk and Kyiv, of the national team of our country! Always pleased the fans with a bright, memorable game. And he had fans not only in our country but all over the Europe ...

As part of our club, Valiantsin Bialkevich won the Belarusian football championship four times and the Belarusian Cup twice. As part of Dynamo Kyiv, Valiantsin Bialkevich won the championship seven times and the Ukrainian Cup six times. Participated in the semi-finals of the Champions League. Valiantsin Bialkevich was recognized as the best footballer of Belarus in 1995, the best footballer of the Ukrainian League in 2001 and the best legionnaire of the Ukrainian Championship of the post-Soviet period.

For five years now, Valiantsin Bialkevich is not with us, but the memory of him will live in our hearts forever!


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