The first qualifying round of the Europa League. Comments from Siarhei Hurenka


Head coach comments






Siarhei Vitalievich, now after the match, what's on your mind?

- Well, nothing special. This was only the first half, we must now prepare for the second, That's it. However we now have another task - to recovery before the match against Dinamo Brest. And this will be not so easy, you see we have a limited list of players available. But we try to use all resources we have. In my opinion, we now get the maximum out of available players.

Is Fatai our default "penalty kicker"?

- I prefer "you feel - you kick" approach. I felt some doubts, of course, because Fatai played the entire match. Perhaps it was necessary to let Bilanoga to kick... But before Fatai always scored. Yes, today he failed. But we are a team, we never blame one player. What happened this time should have happened one day. Last year we won 2:0 on the road and then lost 1:2 at home. Maybe today's draw will be an additional motivation for the guys.

Today, again, we played with two central defenders, was this scheme good?

- Well, we had an option to lower down Kaplenka, but then we would lose in the central zone. We knew that the strongest side of out opponent is individual skills of the flank attackers, numbers  78 and 88, so we had a game task to play more tightly with them, not to let them run away. In the beginning of the match we failed this task.

The second half was much better than the first one. Do you think, why?

- Firstly, the opponent was exhausted by that time. In the first half they were defending well, in a very organized manner: the center was blocked. We used the flanks to scatter the defense. It was rather for Fatai to fight alone against central defenders. Then, when Vergueichyk came out, it added pressure a little. But again, a lot depends on individual skills. And no matter what game scheme you use.

Did you watch the matches of "Liepaja"? Saw any surprises today?

- No, we saw absolutely what have expected. The only thing is that today they played two central backs, and before that they played with one.

Tigiev showed up because Chyzh and Lyakh made many mistakes in the first half?

- The guys are still young, mistakes are understandable. But they are were more functionally prepared, It would be hardder for Tigiev play the entire match. And I would note that Chyzh played as a support defender a lot, he was good.

Dzemchanka is only 16 years old, but already made a debut in this match.

- He looked good. Of course, if he could come to a pre-season camp, trained with the team he would have been even better. I try to alternate him and Lozhkin. They are very talented guys, they are the future of Dinamo..

A lot of disputes in the stands caused this penalty ...

- Well, nothing to discuss. I said that at the beginning of the match it was not necessary to block the attack at its beginning, and there wouldn't be any penalties. Of course, as for me, Kaplenka did nothing, he just stood on the way and the opponent's player stuck in him. But this is football.

In general, are you satisfied with the result?

- Well ... Maybe it really is better than 2:1. Will be not relaxed, we will understand that we need to play football.

With the return of Shvetsov there will be changes in defensive line?

- I think he will add speed. I basically have no complaints about our defenders, they do their best.



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