Fans about a friendly match


Impressions of our fans after a friendly match "Dinamo" - "Riteriai".






The national championship is paused for matches of the national teams, but Dinamo tries to have a substantial game practice. Yesterday, our team held a friendly test match against a  Lithuanian football club "Riteriai". The result was rather successful: on 22d minutes, Danilo opened the scoring, and on 24th also scored a penalty. With the score of 2:0 Dinamo confidently finished the match.

For the first time in the season, a friendly match was held at the training base of the club at "Stayki" and was held in an open format: all fans and supporters were invited to spend some time close to  the team.

Along with prepared treats, all guests were offered to take part in various activities. The youngest fans were entertained by Dynamosh. After the match, a small autograph session also took place. The atmosphere was truly in Dinamo style: warm, friendly, family-like. Lots of fans gathered, just beginners, and those you have supported the team for over 20 years.

"I have a long history with Dinamo since 1986", shared one of the visiting fans, Pavel. - I was 6 years old when my father brought me to the stadium for the first time. It seems that was the match against "Spartak". I myself was played football for several years, but when I grew up - I stayed only as a fan. I try not to miss the game, so when I read about a friendly match, I decided to stop by. Such meetings are necessary, it is normal: to see familiar faces, to look at newcomers, to find out some news.

Many people came to the match with their families. Child support was especially felt on the field. The guys actively supported the players, even inventing their own chants. Not without hot debate, who is the strongest in the team. "It was not immediately possible to reach a compromise", said another guest, Yuri, "but nevertheless decided that everyone was strong in his own way".

"I came here with my son, to support the team. We always wanted to take a closer look at the football players, and this was a good opportunity. We spent time with pleasure: we took autographs, took pictures with the team. The son was especially waiting for Maksim Shvetsov. Open games are equally important for everyone, I think. We get closer, better support the players and believe in further success.

After the match, a big round of applause was heard. And, for sure, not because of the victory, but because of the good time everyone spent.

"We came closer to the guys and coaches, thanked them", said Maksim, who also came to the match. -" I don't always have time to see the game live, and today it was a good chance to see both the main team and the guys from the reserve team. It's cool. We wished good luck to the team, so that in the next match they, too, everything would work out well, the same as today"





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