Dinamo - Isloch. Around the match


Dinamo - Isloch. Around the match





Unfortunately, the final result of the match "Dinamo" - "Isloch" was absolutely not what was expected by the fans. Most of them left the stadium in not best of mood.

But the atmosphere before and during the match was positive and bright! And everyone who visited the match could enjoy it.

Spring finally came to us! Finally the sun has taken its rightful place in the sky. And already because of the warm weather we could see smiles on the face of all those who was approaches to the stadium.

As soon as you got to the stadium you entered our traditional Fanzone. The most noticeable participants of here were our youngest fans. Yes, because of the good weather parents took their children to football and to this pre-match party!

Every kid received his Dinamo balloon already at the entrance.  Then aquarelle on the face with our prominent "D"!


And then beloved mascot Dynamosha!  Worth noting that the traditional dancing party with Dynamosha during the half time was out-crowded. Sincere emotions on the faces of their children naturally transferred to the faces of their parents. It was  great idea to take children to this match this day. This will be remembered, for sure!

Fanzone organizers also took care about the parents. Photobooth and autograph session with our Bulgarian legionary Krumm Stoyanov formed a line! Performance of football freestylers was also amazing!


Traditional tent from fan official store with all latest goods and souvenirs. This season fan scarf and match booklets were especially popular!

During the match all the fans positively noted our new announcer. Leanid Bandarovich - tradition voice of Dinamo - is now recovering his health, and his backup partner Maksim Astrouski who is also a DJ on "New Radio" is now taking a leading part.

We hope that Dinamo players will give us even more bright and positive emotions! Because that's why we love football, because of the emotions!


Photo gallery of the match Dinamo - Isloch




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