Dinamo - Torpedo. Around the match


Dinamo - Torpedo. Around the match





Like the theater begins already with the entrance, any football match begins with the ticket boxes.

Specially for the start of the championship 2018 Dinamo launched a promo action "Complex Ticket: Two Tickets at the Price of One", the essence of which was that if a fan in advance purchases a ticket for the match "Dinamo" - "Torpedo", then he can use the same ticket as a free pass to the match "Dinamo" - "Isloch".

A whole bunch of Dinamo fans took the opportunity to buy complex tickets. However plenty of them still were buying their tickets right before the match. And you could see a big crowed standing in long lines first purchasing tickets and then before a security check at the entrance to the stands.

Anyway this is a real football match atmosphere which makes you feel happy because you are about to see your favorite team. The fact that this was going to be the first meeting in this season only added emotions. Thanks to Dinamo fans who in this quite chilly day created a very warm and cozy atmosphere on the stands.

The club also did its best to make this even to be the real holiday for any fan. Traditional fan zone was available before and during the match. The smallest fans received balloons in traditional Dinamo colors, Those who are older had fun together with Dynamosha. Their parents could enjoy shopping in Dinamo fans store or having a snack before the match. We could notice that especially popular with our fans were new scarves, manufactures for this new season, match booklets and of course season tickets with gift sets.

Another popular activity among fans of all ages - a wish canvas. Everyone could write his or her wish, regards to the favorite player or the whole team, and even make a guess of the final score. Like usual warm applause was greeted by the performance of the girls from the club cheerleading team - "Time Out".

Popular Dinamo player Yury Astraukh was responsible for autograph session this time. He also had to answere numerous questions, receive wishes and greetings and make joint photos.


And during the halftime break the whole stadium greeted with applause Milana Andreeva and Aliaksander Baiko - the fans who visited all on the road matches of "Dinamo-Minsk", including the European cups, in the last season.  The fans call it "golden away trip". Loyal Dinamo fans received their memorable gifts.

But the main emotion of the evening was the victory of "Dinamo-Minsk"!

Thank you for your support, our dear fans!
You are best!





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