Season tickets sale continues. New - ticket for children


In this season FC Dinamo-Minsk introduces a new product - season ticket for children.






The sale of season tickets for home matches of "Dinamo-Minsk" in the season-2018 is in full swing. In addition to the usual club card this time "Dinamo" introduced an innovation - a children's season ticket for young fans aged 6 to 12 years. The original design of the card, a box with gifts and, most importantly, an incredibly low cost - these are the main advantages of the children's season ticket.

The price of a season ticket for children is 50% of the price of an adult - 24 rub. 75 k. Visiting one of the 15 home matches of Dinamo will cost your child 1.65 kopecks. And if you add the matches of the qualification of the Europa League and matches for the Cup of Belarus ... The benefits are obvious! And if you consider that during the season our young fans get a lot of surprises, then it's time to buy season tickets for yourself and for your children!

One of the first who bought a season tickets not only to himself, but also to his children, was Chyhavko Siarhei Aliaksandrovich:


- "I have three children, but bought two season tickets." Senior, 18-year-old Maksim, is already studying abroad, in Warsaw. But while he was here in Minsk he always went with me to watch football, visited away matches as well!


- When did you first go to football, remember?
- Oh, long time ago. My father liked football and took me with him. It was somewhere back in 1982, but I was too young to remember anything. It turns out that in our family, the love for "Dinamo" is transferred from father to son, from grandson to great-grandson.

- How often do you buy season tickets?
- Yes, as long as I can remember. As soon as the club started to sell season tickets I always bought one.



- Up to 6 years old children go to football for free. Then you have to buy a ticket. This year "Dinamo-Minsk" for the first time introduced children's season ticket. How did you like this idea?
- Let's count. Last season my children visited about half of home matches. Even more. And this year they plan to see all home matches. And the price of the children's subscription is very profitable. Already for this I like the idea. And it's much easier, no need to stay in line or purchase tickets on the Internet. Very comfortably.

Plus, in my opinion, the children's card is designed very well. Dynamosha has become a real symbol of "Dinamo-Minsk" for children. I can see how children react to him. And not only mine. How happy they are with him, how they play with him, how they dance during the break, how they willingly participate in all the competitions, only with the dinosaury. Children specifically go to see Dynamosha! And yes, all my children's cloths is with Dynamosha - all t-shirts, everything you can buy in Dinamo store.

As soon as you get to the stadium children break down, dad no longer exists. Just one question: where is Dynamosha? They jump to his neck, drag him by the tail, grab hold of his hands, embrace.

- Dynamosha uses to run away?
- What do you mean? On the contrary! He is so happy for the children


- Tell me more: who will go to the football with you this season? And what are your children's preferences in football?
- The younger ones will go. Kiryl (8 years) and Karina (6 years). Children know the thing, both keen on football, and son and daughter. Karina likes Sasha Noiok more than others - last year he presented a prize to her in front of the whole hall, the prize for the victory in one of the competitions. She remembered this very much! I'll tell you a secret - she thinks that Sasha is her fiancé!

My son likes Bykau and Saroka. Kiryl, if you remember, last year performed one of the fan songs. It was shared on the Internet. The fans liked it.

- And when the son plays football in the street, he plays for Saroka and Bykau, or for Messi and Ronaldo?
- No. Argentine with the Portuguese he saw a couple of times on TV, and that's it. But Saroka and Bykau are idols! He photographed with them more than once, goes to all the matches. Therefore, at home, in the street - only Bykau and Saroka!

- The main question: where will the tickets be held? In dad's wallet, or will they go to the children?
- Of course, I'll give it to the children. It's not only a card, it's a whole box with presents. This is such a happiness for the child! Let them decide how and where to keep their cards. Let them learn how to care about things







There are 10 days left before the first home match there!

You can purchase season tickets in FC Dinamo-Minsk stores:

1. In the shopping center "Niamiha-3": Niamiha, 3, box.2, ground floor.
Phone: +375 29 313-20-70

2. In the shopping center "ProStore": Kamennahorskaya 3, box 61, second floor.
Phone: +375 29 620-58-56


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