Getting ready for the start


Honored veterans of Dinamo-Minsl Eduard Malafeeu and Ivan Savostsikau preferred to spend their vocation in own country than to go abroad.





The next football season is coming. The match for the country's Super Cup has already been played. All the fans are already discussing the fast start of the championship, and the players, who received a call to the national and youth teams, have already gone to the location of the main teams of the country.

Meanwhile honored veterans of "Dinamo-Minsk" Eduard Malafeeu and Ivan Savostsikau, who continue to work in the Academy of FC Dinamo-Minsk are also getting ready for the start of the.

Thanks to the cooperation of FC "Dinamo-Minsk" and the sanatorium-resort complex "Plissa" our legends went on vacation to the Vitebsk region, Hlubokae district,Plissa village, the same name as
“Plissa” sanatorium-and spa resort.

Two and a half hours by car and we are here. So, what kind of rest do you imagine in a sanatorium? Going to the therapeutic procedures, communicate with other vacationers, resting in the room? No way! We were not able to find Ivan Savostsikau in his room. Despite the severe frost, Ivan Ivanavich just returned from a walk

- Don't you freeze?
- Oh, not at all? I walk my 5-6 kilometers every day and more than once. I admire nature, how well you breathe in this air. And, you know, for a week I couldn't smoke even a half a pack - I do not want to!

- Eduard Vasilyevich, what about you?
- It's not for me. Ivan Ivanavich walks three times a day, while I sleep. Yes, I go to the procedures. Health is not the same like was before ... But we still have a bunch of work to do.
- Health worries?
- "At our age? It is natural" ... Eduard Vasilyevich stops for a moment, but then with a smile continues: "We'll fix the health, no doubt".  Look aroubd, what a beauty, what a nature! Snow!  Such a nice winter is this year! Ivan Ivanavich and I are old school people. We do not need much. But I am glad that many young people are resting here. It seems like nowhere to go out here: too far to Minsk and Vitebsk. But still they come! Because the sanatorium and health complex at the highest level. In the summer it will be even more beautiful when everything is green, when the lake is in its full glory. People need water. Where are they going to rest? To sea! But we have such beautiful places here at home!

- Do you like it here?
- In 60-70 years we rested in the best sanatorium of the country - at lake Naroch. That was very good! - says Ivan Savostsikau. And now look, what kind of sanatoriums this one is! What kind of comfort, what care! In old times we used to see a buffet only abroad, but now it is a standard thing for a long time already. And I'm also comparing - with the team we used to settle in very good hotels. I'll tell you, that it's very much the same here. And actually, it is difficult to surprise those athletes who often travels outside the country, especially for training camps. We saw many hotels: from roadside for one night, to Turkish, expensive, five-star, with the maximum level of comfort.

And now in Belarus, where tourism is actively developing in recent years, hotels of world famous brands are being built, in general the level of comfort and services has grown.

But, let's be honest - most high level hotels are built in Minsk and oblast cities.
And to see such a place away from the tourist routes is quite surprising and amazing at the same time. When we arrived to "Plissa" I felt like I recognize the cite. If not snow and the frozen lake I would say that we are not in Belarus but still with the team at training camps in Turkey.


Ivan Savostsikau continues:
- And we with our sores feel it very well if the therapy helps or not. On treatment and recovery me and Eduard Vasilievich already "ate the dog" (laughs). Therefore, I won't say anything bad about other sanatoriums, but what about "Plissa" - no doubt it is very well.

- Very famous guests! - tells us about our veterans the head of the reception and accommodation service Malotnik Anastasia, always polite, always together, always joke. Of course, our other guests recognize them, come up, ask questions, ask questions. We even arranged a meeting for Dinamo veterans and other guests. We are very honored that such famous people chose our sanatorium for recreation. So simple and so nice people!

- Anastasia, in a nutshell, describe your facility. After all, it's brand new, but we can see a lot of people despite for this kind of the season.
- Well, yes, we are still young enough. Our complex is 1.5 years old. We opened on July 8, 2016. At our disposal are 164 rooms, 5 two-storied cottages, 2 single-storied cottages. We can accommodate up to 305 guests at a time without extra beds, and over 400 with additional bedding.


All guests who come to us on programs: medical or general health, receive a doctor consultation. In any program this service is absolutely free. We have several programs: general health, gynecological, neurological and musculoskeletal. Each program includes its list of services and procedures.

The simplest, general health program includes accommodation, three meals a day, a daily visit to the aqua zone, a health path, free wi-fi, phyto tea daily and a doctor's consultation.

If a guest comes for a period of four days, then at a doctor's appointment he will be offered a full range of medical services, which he will receive throughout the rest. The basic package of the general health program is quite large: mineral and mud baths, heat and light therapy, electrotherapy, inhalations.

You can also choose a weekend tour with a "SPA Weekend" program, just to reboot after a working week.

Medical programs, of course, are more focused on recovery and full-fledged treatment. But if the guest, in addition to the proposed list of his medical services, wants to receive additional treatment, then after consulting a doctor for an additional fee, he can get almost any procedure, unless this procedure was not recommended by the doctor.

And of course we use the natural resources. We have a wonderful fishing, not only in summer, but also winter fishing. You can rent a rod here. Fishing places on the waterfront are equipped. The forest is full of berries and mushrooms.


We are returning to Malafeeu and Savostsikau. We wanted to talk about football, about the World Cup,  about the past Olympic games, about the upcoming football season, but Malafeeu with a smile interrupts: we'll have a time to talk about football during the season. Here is what I want to say. We have only positive emotions here. We're just enjoying the rest. I want to thank the administration of Dinamo for this opportunity, and to thank the management of the sanatorium! Want to thank all of the sincerely! By the way people recognize us here, greet, ask questions ... many foreigners, many Russians - they remember how "Dinamo" played, about USSR team. We even arranged a meeting with the sanatorium guests ...

It's very nice! This is a real respect for the elders. Where there is no mutual understanding with the older generation, where respect is lost, where there is no agreement, there will never be anything good. And we are responsible for this! After all, everything that is good in us, the elders, we must pass on to the young generation, the next generation. If we succeed, then everything will be fine. There will be no disputes between the generations.

Personnel here is very careful, they are full of hope to help you to recover. And we all need this hope! And here are such conditions, such treatment ... and the person, overwhelmed with hope, is ready to turn mountains away. His powers triple! It seems to him that he is as young!

And again the road back to Minsk ... two and a half hours on snow-covered roads. Through the forests of Vitebsk region and the wonderful hills of Lahoisk. It is truly Belarusian Switzerland! But in our thoughts we still return back to Plissa. We regularly meet Malafeeu and Savostsikau for work, talk in the office, at the stadium. And we never saw them depressed! Always fit. Always open hearted. Always sincerely and frankly worrying for their work, and for the entire Belarusian football. And they stay the same even on vacation. Direct look, sincere and inspiring speeches. The same funny jokes and the same kind smile: do not worry, everything will be fine, God sees everything!

And for some reason you believe them.

And here we remember the classic says: "You can make nails from these people ..."



The photo in the text is presented by SKSS "Plissa"


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