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Dinamo - Gomel - 1:0. Classy goal by Nenad Adamovic 05 July 2015 0 comments

Exhausting heat does not become a hindrance for Dinamo to win Gomel, due to, perhaps, the most beautiful goal of the first round of the championship of Belarus.

Minsk - Dinamo - 0:3. Post-match comments by players 11 May 2015 0 comments

Dinamo players comment on the results of the match

National teams 18 March 2015 0 comments

Dinamo Minsk players were called up to the national and youth teams.

Day 4. Interview with U-21 team players 28 January 2015 0 comments

The 4th day of the first Turkish training camp. 

National team 23 January 2015 0 comments

Belarusian national team U-21 taking part in the CIS Cup in St. Petersburg will play semifinal match against South Africa team.

Football lesson in gymnasium # 56 20 June 2014 0 comments

«Dinamo» Minsk players took part in a lesson of football in gymnasium #56

World Cup - 2014 13 June 2014 0 comments

The World Cup - 2014 started yesterday in Brazil!

Dinamo Minsk players talk about their expectations and preferences in this tournament.

Ярослав Яроцкий: «Даже как-то растерялся» 26 October 2013 0 comments

Полузащитник Ярослав Яроцкий прокомментировал матч с «Гомелем» и поделился эмоциями от первого гола в основном составе.

Ярослав Яроцкий: «Буду работать, чтобы продвигаться дальше» 16 September 2013 0 comments
Полузащитник Ярослав Яроцкий прокомментировал матч дублеров и рассказал о своем дебюте в главной команде.