Happy Birthday! 06 September 2018 0 comments

Dinamo-Minsk congratulates Erik Yakhimovich on his Happy Birthday!

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Getting ready for the start 22 March 2018 0 comments

Honored veterans of Dinamo-Minsl Eduard Malafeeu and Ivan Savostsikau preferred to spend their vocation in own country than to go abroad.

Happy anniversary! 26 February 2018 0 comments

Today the prominent goalkeeper of Dinamo-Minsk Yury Kurbyka celebrates his 62th anniversary.

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Happy anniversary! 13 January 2018 0 comments

Today the legendary player and the manager of "Dinamo" (Minsk) Leanid Paulavich Harai celebrates his 81st birthday!

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Happy birthday! 05 December 2017 0 comments

Today Victor Sokol turns 63!

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Happy birthday! 02 December 2017 0 comments

Our club congratulates Andrei Zyhmantovich with his birthday!

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Dinamo congratulates Mikhail Mustyhin on his birthday! 27 October 2017 0 comments

Mikhail Mustyhin turns 80!

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"Hundred times wide - two times right" 25 August 2017 0 comments

Today Henadzi Khasin celebrates his 82th anniversary.

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Happy birthday! 22 August 2017 1 comment

Dinamo-Minsk congratulates Ivan Savostikov on his Happy Birthday!

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For the 90th anniversary of FC "Dinamo-Minsk" 29 May 2017 0 comments

The program of celebrations in honor of the 90th anniversary of FC Dinamo-Minsk.

Dinamo TV: congratulations to the veterans! 07 April 2017 0 comments

The next issue of the club video project.

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In memory of Aliaksandr Prakapenka 20 November 2016 0 comments

In Minsk indoor football arena was held a match in memory of Aliaksandr Prakapenka

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Audrus Žuta: unforgettable time! 21 October 2016 0 comments

He is one of that types of players who could very quickly find respect from Dinamo fans. Lithuanian midfielder Audrus Žuta was invited to "Dinamo" Minsk in winter of 1991. And after a starting away match with Eduard Malofeeva team in the Caucasus he became a star.

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Happy Birthday! 12 September 2016 0 comments

"Dinamo" congratulates Uladzimir Kurneu on his birthday!

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Match to commemorate Valiantsin Bialkevich 28 January 2016 0 comments

Valiantsin Bialkevich Memory match will be held tomorrow in Minsk.