Fatos Bećiraj

Fatos Beqiraj: Thank you for everything! 21 February 2016 0 comments

Fatos Beqiraj contacted our press service and asked to place the following text on the club website ...

Fatos Beqiraj left "Dinamo-Minsk" 18 February 2016 0 comments

Fatos Beqiraj transfered to «Dinamo» Moscow.

Sunday conversation with Fatos Beqiraj 20 December 2015 0 comments

Our conversation with Fatos Beqiraj took place at the end of last week, when the team had just returned to Minsk after the last season match with the Vienna "Rapid". Sought having big accumulated fatigue and the desire to get back home to Montenegro, Beqiraj still gave an interview to the club's press service gladly, in which he has summed up his first season in the Minsk "Dinamo".

The best player in November! 05 December 2015 0 comments

Results of the voting for the best player in November.

Neman - Dinamo - 0:1. Dinamo players say about the match 30 November 2015 0 comments

Fatos Beqiraj and Maksim Vitus share their impressions of the game Neman - Dinamo - 0:1

Neman - Dinamo - 0:1. Highlights 30 November 2015 0 comments

Cup of Belarus 2015/16
2nd match


Dinamo - Viktoria - 1:0 27 November 2015 0 comments

"Dinamo-Minsk" for the first time in two seasons wins the home match of the group stage of the Europa League!

Gomel - Dinamo - 1:2. Videoreview 08 November 2015 0 comments

Gomel - Dinamo - 1:2. Videoreview

Gomel - Dinamo: comments of players 08 November 2015 0 comments

Dinamo players summarize the match

Dinamo - Slavia- 2:0 26 October 2015 0 comments

Minsk "Dinamo" has booked the silver medal in 2 rounds before the end of the championship.

Slutsk - Dinamo - 0:1. Udoji time. 17 October 2015 0 comments

Minsk "Dinamo" won in Slutsk due to a precise strike of the main scorer of autumn - Chigozie Udoji

Europa League. New season. We are waiting for you! 28 September 2015 0 comments

Europa League returns to Belarus. Our new promo video is created for this event. Already this Thursday, Borisov-Arena!

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