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Dinamo Inside 25 November 2015 0 comments

The first frosts come to Belarus - it's time to warm up!
The story of how players of Minsk "Dinamo" helped visitors of "Prostore" supermarket and of an official store of FC "Dinamo-Minsk" to choose sale SALLER sportswear and of the most profitable football offer of the season: how to get two free tickets to the Europa League match and a free shuttle Minsk-Borisov-Minsk - you can learn from watching a new episode of club project!


Dinamo Inside 02 November 2015 0 comments

Dinamo Inside - a new edition of the Club video magazine.

Dinamo Inside. 22 September 2015 0 comments

"We traveled to the match through Baikal, Siberia and the Urals." How fans support Minsk "Dinamo" in Europe.

Dinamo Inside. 26 August 2015 0 comments

"I am on the plane since was three years old." How a player of "Dinamo" flew to the Europa League match without the team

Dinamo Inside. BATE - Dinamo - 0:1 12 August 2015 0 comments

Belarus Football Championship - 2015. The most rating game of the season through the eyes of the the best club video project.

Dinamo Inside. True boxing: footballer vs. hockey player 24 July 2015 0 comments

In the new episode of the country's best club project "Dinamo Inside" you will see real boxing between a playing football coach of "Dinamo" Vasil Khamutouski and a hockey player of "Dinamo" Mikita Kamarou. The referees were an ex-captain of the football national team of Belarus Siarhei Shtaniuk and the author of the winning goal in the quarterfinal match of the Olympic hockey tournament in Salt Lake City against the Swedes Uladzimir Kopat.

The fight was commented by Pavel Baranau and professional boxer Aliaksandr Ustsinau.

Dinamo Inside. Summer has come! 04 July 2015 0 comments

Artur Edigaryan masters a new profession and talks about memorable stages of his career! Girlfriends of our players ride on a motorcycle, demonstrate their football skills and ... the new issue of the country's best club video project - Dinamo Inside - just one click away from you!

Dinamo Inside 20 June 2015 0 comments

Salute to the 88th anniversary of the Minsk "Dinamo" and other surprises on the birthday of the legendary club.

FC "Dinamo Minsk" and sport.tut.by represent another episode of the best club video magazine in the country.

Dinamo Inside 15 May 2015 1 comment

"Dinamo Inside" with a new series: MZKT, Nivaldo, Vasili Khamutouski and official website team

Dinamo Inside. Right before the season start. 07 April 2015 0 comments

Dinamo Inside. Right before the season start.

Dinamo Inside 07 February 2015 0 comments

In the next episode of club project "Dinamo Inside» we check culinary and musical abilities of Siarhei Ihnatovich, as well as get acquainted with the new striker of "Dinamo" Fatos Beqiraj.

Dinamo inside. Express episode 18 January 2015 0 comments

Dušan Uhrin - first acquaintance

Динамо Inside 30 October 2014 0 comments

Who is a supporter of "Dinamo" in the long term, genuine children's joy at feast of football and a visit to ... 

Answers to these and other questions you will learn in a new episode of club project release Dinamo Inside!

Dinamo Inside 22 September 2014 0 comments

«Dinamo- Minsk» unsuccessfully started in the group stage losing an away match to the Greek PAOK. «Dynamo Inside» tells about the first match in the group: the Greek experience of the team leader Chigozie Udoji, official matches, sport diets, about the pressing of Dinamo fans by Greek fans and many other information.

Dinamo InSide. Hello, Europa League! 02 September 2014 0 comments


Probably every fan of Dinamo watched the match of play-off round of the Europa League Nacional - Dinamo, where our team solved one of the season objectives – passed in to the group stage of the Europa League.



Many things left behind the scenes: an eight-hour flight Minsk-Porto-Funchal, Madeira Island life, Museum of Cristiano Ronaldo, support of Minsk guests by residents of the Portuguese island and how Dinamo players were preparing for one of the most important matches of the season - all this You can see in our project DINAMO INSIDE !

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