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Dinamo signed a contract with 23-year-old defender Mohammed Abdulsalam Munir (Libya).





Today «Dinamo-Minsk» signed a contract with 23-year-old defender Mohammed Abdulsalam Munir (Libya).

Mohammed Munir was born on April 8, 1992. Last season he spent in the football club "Al-Ittihad" (Tripoli), which plays in the Premier League of Libya.

Mohammed Mounir is a player of the national team of Libya and spent for the national team of his country 50% of matches last year. Being a free-agent Mohammed Munir signed the contract till the end of 2016.

After the signing of the contract, Mohammed Munir gave an interview to the official site of FC «Dinamo-Minsk»:

- Mohammed, we congratulate you with signing of the contract with our club! When did you learn firstly about the interest of Dinamo to you?
- Negotiations with Dinamo were held for a long time, for four months. And prior to that, the club watched my game for a long time. As soon as my manager told me about the interest of Dinamo, I started interesting about Dinamo, collecting information about the club, about the people who work here, about the city, about the fans. But there were some problems that prevented me to join the team earlier. Since my club, "Al-Ittihad" played in the qualifying tournament of the African Nations Cup. This Tournament is similar to the UEFA Europa League. So I had obligations regarding the club, I had to carry them out.

- What kind of information did you get about the city, Dinamo?
- Mainly this was general information from the Internet. Plus, I knew some people who used to come earlier and work in Belarus. Then I met the representatives of Dinamo, who told me a lot about the club, acquainted with its rich history. But the last four months, when I learned about the interest of the club, I followed Dinamo carefully, reading news, watching videos. «Dinamo» - this is a very important name in Belarus and in Eastern Europe. And I was happy that this club got interested in me. When negotiations began, I did not say «no», I immediately said «yes».
I am in Minsk for a week. Minsk - a big city, but I had not many chances something to explore in details here, but I feel comfortable here, I like it here. This feeling transmitted to me through the attitude of the team staff. I have spent four trainings with the team, and all treat me very kindly, support, try to help to adapt quicker. I’m glad for my right choice to sign a contract with Dinamo.

- Dinamo passes through difficult time now. Are you ready to help the team to get out of the crisis and take a high place?
- I personally have seen the last two matches of the club: against "Shakhter" 0:0 and BATE Cup 1:3. I attended these games. This is somewhat different from what I've seen on youtube, from that game that Dinamo showed in the European Cup last year. But every team has periods of ups and downs. And it always has its reasons. But the rise follows the fall. It is always possible to climb up. Probably, if it is destined to fall, it’s better to do now than in the middle or at the end when there are no chances to go upstairs to correct the situation. I think that our best games are still ahead. I know the public opinion. I know what the people think about this team: the club may and must get serious results. In the camp I met very skilled players. I hope very much that next game, and every game, we will go up. We will do our best. I will try to help the team very hard. And encourage team’s fans to support Dinamo in this way


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