Press Office

Accreditation rules

For a more fruitful cooperation with the media, as well as to create the most favorable conditions for the work of journalists, the press service of  FC «Dinamo-Minsk» introduces the following Rules of media accreditation for home matches in Belarusian Championship and Belarus Cup in season 2016.

Accreditation for the home matches of FC «Dinamo-Minsk» in the national championship and Belarus Cup shall be made by a prior application, stamped and signed by the chief editor (or executive director), to be provided to the press service of the club before March 25, 2015 by fax (017) 309 20 70 or by sending a scanned copy of the properly draw up application to email


The application for accreditation must necessarily contain the following details: 
-  the full name of the media;
-  circulation (for publications);
-  telephone and fax numbers;
-  postal address;
-  the full name of the journalist and his position;
-  office phone number and mobile phone number, office and personal email address of the accredited journalist;

Applications drawn up improperly or sent after the deadline will not be considered.

Journalist accreditation (only together with journalist certificate) ensures its owner:

1. Free admission to the home stadium of FC «Dinamo-Minsk» during matches;
2. A place in the press box for writing journalists;
3. The right to locate behind billboards behind the teams' goals during the match - only for accredited photo and TV journalists (according to Belarusian Football Championship Regulations 2016).
4. Obtain start protocol and match program;
5. Work in the mixed zone (short interview with players and coaches);
6. Obtain the final protocol of the match;
7. Participation in the aftermatch press conference and the work in the press-center after the match.

Accreditation cards quotas: 
1. Specialized sports periodicals - 5 persons (including a photojournalist).
2. Social and political periodicals - 2 persons (including a photojournalist).
3. Internet sports media - 3 persons (including a photojournalist).
4. Radio stations - 1 person.
5. TV channels - 3 persons (including an operator).
6. News agencies - 2 persons (including a photojournalist).

For none-resident journalists one-time accreditation for a specific match is available.


Attention of the media representatives:

In accordance with the provisions of Article 19 of the Belarusian Football Championship Regulations 2016, «Utilization of the commercial rights of the Championship», television and Internet companies, carrying out videotaping of the matches or creating matches video reviews, do not fall within the scope of these Rules and shall be accredited exclusively at ABFF according to its Rules. Possession of ABFF accreditation, together with journalist certificate, is a sufficient condition for the access of a journalist to the stadium for a particular match.

Accreditation denial and accreditation withdrawal:

Press service of FC «Dinamo-Minsk» reserves the right to deny the accreditation:
• in case of infringement by a journalist of rules of application for accreditation;
• in case of the dismissal of  a journalist (another journalist can be accredited in such a case);
• upon termination of the media;
• in case of dissemination of false information, causing the harm to the organization or violating the rights and imparing the interests of its employees;
• in case of  misconduct at the stadium during the match.

Press service of FC «Dinamo-Minsk» also reserves the rights to a reasoned refusal of accreditation in other cases.

Accreditation for the Europa League matches 2016/17 will be held separately.