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Accreditation rules







Football club "Dinamo-Minsk" provides accreditation for the media for home matches of the  Belarusbank - championship of the Republic of Belarus of the season of 2019 among the teams of the Premier league and the Cup of Belarus. All accreditation certificates will be provided upon a prior application, certified by the seal and signature of the editor-in-chief. Applications must be submitted to the club's press service by March 23, 2018 by fax (017) 309 20 70 or by sending a scanned copy by e-mail




In the application for the accreditation you need to specify:

- the full name of the media;
- circulation (for printed editions);
- telephone and fax numbers;
- postal address of the media;
- full name the journalist, his position;
- working and mobile phone number, working and personal electronic address of the accredited journalist;

Applications that are not properly processed or sent after the deadline will not be considered.


The accreditation along with editorial certificate warrants its owner:

1. Free entry to the home stadium of FC "Dynamo-Minsk" in the days of matches;
2. Place in the press box for writing journalists;
3. The right to be located behind billboards located behind the goals of teams, during the match - only for accredited photo journalists (in accordance with the Rules of the RB-2017 Football Championship).
4. Starting protocol and match program;
5. Work in a mixed zone (blitz interviews with players and team coaches);
6. Final match protocol;
7. Participation in the post-match press conference at the press center after the match.

Quotas for accreditation: 
1. Specialized sports publications - 5 people (including a photojournalist).
2. Social and political publications - 2 people (including a photojournalist).
3. Sports Internet publications - 3 people (including a photojournalist).
4. Information agencies - 2 people (including a photojournalist).

For non-resident journalists one-time accreditations are available for the date of a particular match.


We draw the attention of media representatives:

Radio and television companies, Internet resources and other media who plan a sound recording or video shooting of the upcoming match (video clips / news stories with timing less than 3 minutes) starting from the season-2017 accreditation of such media is provided by the press -service the ABFF. Details can be found on this link.

Denial of accreditation and accreditation cancelation:

The press service of FC "Dinamo-Minsk" reserves the right to refuse accreditation:
• if the journalist violates the rules for applying for accreditation;
• when the journalist is dismissed from the editorial office (in this case, the editorial staff has the right to accredit another journalist);
• when the operation of the media is suspended;
• for providing faulty information, information which causes harm to our organization or infringes upon the rights and legitimate interests of its employees;
• in case of violation of rules of conduct at the stadium during the match.

The press service of FC Dinamo-Minsk also reserves the right to reasonably refuse accreditation in other cases.


Accreditation for the matches of the UEFA League of Europe 2019/20 will be held separately..